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German born Joseph Pilates created the Pilates Method in the early 1900’s. Originally called “Contrology”, this exercise program connects the mind and body with focus on breath, strengthening, stretching and balance. Below are the benefits:

  • Improves flexibility, mobility, postural alignment and circulation

  • Developes highly functional abdominal and core strength

  • The Pilates Method utilizes over 500 unique exercises that can be performed using your body and specific equipment

  • Enhances athletic performance in all sports

"My favorite hour of the week is my 1 hour private pilates session!  The one-on-one situation allows me to work with apparatus such as the ladder barrel, cadillac and chair,  in addition to the reformer and mat. "

"I love the challenge of trying new exercises that can be customized for my specific body type and the fact that I play a lot of tennis.  I think taking private sessions has really helped me to understand and grow my pilates experience."

Michelle Kuri - Manager, Paramount Tennis Club