Who Does Pilates?

Everyone can do Pilates, 18 - 80. Whether you are an avid exercise enthusiast, just beginning to work out or somewhere in between, Pilates will make a difference in everything you physically do.



Where Do I Begin?

We suggest starting with private sessions.  The initial session will include a simple spinal assessment, introduction to the Pilates philosophy, terminology and the different Pilates equipment. We want you to be familiar with your body’s strengths and needs to work correctly from the beginning to help formulate your personal goals.


Will I See and Feel a Difference in my Body?

Yes! The Pilates Method will change the shape of your body. Core strengthening will flatten the abdominals creating a trimmer waistline. Pilates tones and lengthens the muscles giving the body more flexibility and mobility.


How Is Pilates Different Than Other Forms Of Exercise?

Most other exercise systems focus on the large, superficial muscle groups to control movement. Pilates is designed to condition the whole body from the inside out. Working from the core, Pilates teaches how to drive movement from the deep abdominal muscles, inner thighs and lower back. The focus is on over all muscle re-education to improve postural alignment, abdominal strength and coordination. Pilates will also reduce risk of injury, joint and back pain.


Why BodyWave?

Our focus is on you and your individual needs. Whether in a private or small group class, our highly trained instructors teach the body not just a series of exercises. Our friendly studio is fully equipped with reformers, towers, chairs, ladder barrel and a cadillac to give you the full Pilates Method experience. Let us bring you to your full Pilates potential.