Private Session

We focus your private sessions to your body’s specific needs and goals. The initial appointment will include an individual body movement evaluation and simple spinal assessment. A wide range of Pilates equipment will be utilized during your session.



Combo Class 

An intermediate to advanced class utilizing different pieces of Pilates equipment from week to week, including reformer, exo chair, tower, mat and jumpboard.   


The most recognizable piece of Pilates equipment.  The Reformer is a machine that has springs, bars and straps.  On this equipment you lie down, kneel, stand and sit to create a strong core and balanced body.

Mat and Props 

Classical Pilates Mat repertoire.  Instructor may use different props (balls, bands, foam roller, magic circle) in this class making  for a challenging and stimulating  mat workout. 

Jump Board Combo 

This class uses the same equipment as the Combo class with more emphasis on the Jump Board.  Previous experience on the reformer is required.

Deep Core Challenge - Advanced Level

Are you looking to challenge your core and get deeper into your Pilates practice?  This class is for you.  This advance equipment class is for the experienced student.  Some props may be used while doing challenging exercises to gain a deeper core connection and control.