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About Us


BodyWave Pilates

Located in the suburbs of Cleveland, BodyWave Pilates has been teaching the method since 2006.

Our inviting studio offers small group classes and individualized, private instruction for bodies of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Whether you’re looking to tone muscle or build strength, we are ready to move your body towards its goals.

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Why Pilates?

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Yes, it really is for every body!

Pilates is the exercise method for anybody—and everybody. Created in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates, the repertoire has the power to strengthen, lengthen and tone—when done correctly.


Can your current workout regimen do all this?!

Regular instruction has the power to develop a strong core and back, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, tone the entire body, improve posture and alignment, decrease chronic pain, and increase athletic performance. What’s more? It’s low-impact and safe to do at any age under the instruction of a certified Pilates instructor.

We’re experts—really.

Not all Pilates studios are equal. At BodyWave Pilates, our instructors hold comprehensive national certifications. This means they train for years to keep you safe while reaching your fitness goals. We’re not big box, but we are big impact.

Meet Our Instructors

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Certification Program

Our instructors are nationally certified through Pilates Core Integration and Core Dynamics.

Requiring over 600 hours of training, observation, anatomy study, and student teaching, this comprehensive program trains Pilates practitioners to become full-fledged instructors in the Pilates method.

BodyWave Pilates is a teacher-training studio, where students learn, observe, and teach alongside seasoned experts during the course of their program.

Interested in becoming a Pilates instructor?

Email us to learn more.

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